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I'm Bee. My love affairs include Marvel comics, good Shetland wool, massive quantities of buttered toast, Elizabeth Gaskell novels, fantasy and science fiction literature, zombies, and British folk rock.

I have a Mass Effect Problem.

I knit too much, read too much and 80% of my mental and emotional landscape, at any given time, is taken up with my story, The Little Steps.

A monster's work is never done.

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Obligatory knits of the day: my Toorie hat and my second Larch cardigan. I am drowning in Madelinetosh yarn. #knitting #crafts #madelinetosh #handknits #gpoy

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    ::squeels:: That hat is SOOOO cute! What I can see of the cardigan is cute, too. Looks very nicely done. The model looks...
  2. pandasize said: Dem buttons! So leafy. So wonderful. Way to serve handcrafted realness today, m’lady!
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