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I'm Bee. My love affairs include Marvel comics, good Shetland wool, massive quantities of buttered toast, Elizabeth Gaskell novels, fantasy and science fiction literature, zombies, and British folk rock.

I have a Mass Effect Problem.

I knit too much, read too much and 80% of my mental and emotional landscape, at any given time, is taken up with my story, The Little Steps.

A monster's work is never done.

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And there was this group of very nice Muswell Hill grammar school boys and a girl playing American music. Leonard Cohen songs, and Richard Farina songs, and Bob Dylan songs, all being done in a kind of West-Coasty rock style. And then came the guitar solo, and Richard just played the most amazing solo. He played a solo which quotes from Django, from Charlie Christian, you know, an incredibly sophisticated little solo. And that really amazed me, the breadth of his sophistication… and so, you know, at the end of the gig I was in the dressing room saying ‘would you guys like to make a record?
Joe Boyd, on seeing Fairport Convention for the first time.
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