One of these days I’m going to do one of those Comic Sans EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT posts for Usagi Yojimbo and it will be my single greatest contribution to mankind. 

I mean real talk there are so many badass ladies running around and then there’s Jei but most importantly JOTARO seriously can more people read this just so I have someone to scream with?


theherocomplex THIS IS ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT. I blame you Bee. <3

It came about in discussion that in GAVG, when Leo first meets Usagi he’d be hero-worshipy and turn into basically a Moe version of himself.

Naturally this led to me drawing Leo as a F@#*ing MOE PRINCESS. BECAUSE OF REASONS.

I am screaming about this from BEYOND THE GRAVE because jinja-neko has killed me. I am now a ghost. 


Bill Adama: “You did it. You brought ‘em home, Saul.”

Saul Tigh: “Not all of them.”

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"The odds of you having such an accident are greatly reduced once you sign on with us."

4x10 - Racing Mars

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Every so often I see you reblog something and tag it with "TLS inspiration" - That's an original story you're writing, yes? All the stuff you reblog makes me really curious about it. :3 Would you mind sharing a brief description of what it's about? (You don't have to if you don't want to - I'm just intrigued.) :D
theherocomplex theherocomplex Said:

Yes! Oh gosh, The Little Steps is my life. Thank you so much for asking — I’m sorry I took so long to reply! <3

(popping this under a cut so people who don’t want to read my ramblings can skip it)

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she fucked the bug

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Maybe a silly and really random question, but will there ever be any Jotaro in the GAVG 'verse? Just wondering.
theherocomplex theherocomplex Said:

Well, I’m not really following Usagi’s canon either (my Usagi is considerably more formal than Stan Sakai’s, though he is equally as badass and lovely and kind, though maybe not so much with the chopping off of noses TOO SOON???), so Jotaro hasn’t been born yet. 

That said! There is a high probability that there will be a tiny bun running around with a bokken at some point in the future of GaVG, because Jotaro is one of my favorite things ever in history.