Holy cow! We did it! The third and last sprint of the day! 

How did you do? What did you work on? 

Thank you SO much to everyone who sprinted with me today! I think I’ll try to start one on the weekends, so it’ll be earlier and more people can join in :D 

Have a GREAT night! <3

 I had this whole plan for another quiet chapter of Ghost, where Eliza Shepard has to fight her urge to punch everyone in sight, but —

The past month has been so stressful, and I have the soundtrack for TMNT 2k14, and I keep listening to this song, and you know what?

We’re having a fight scene. A motherfucking fight scene. And Eliza’s going to punch everything. 

Okay! Last sprint of the night — from 8:30pm EST to 9:30pm EST! Let’s do this! 


Anyone up for one last sprint at 8:30pm? Everyone is welcome, and it’s really nice to have a group cheering each other on!

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Okay, here's mine. As GaVG begins to reach the climax of the series, do you have plans for more longer works set in the TMNT fandom? Maybe something set aside for working on after GaVG? Love the series, btw. But you know that ;'D
theherocomplex theherocomplex Said:

Ooh, well!

The Gates of Summer arc, which will deal with the Boar and the aftermath of that battle, isn’t the last piece that I’m writing for GaVG! There’s one more major arc to come, set ten years after the Boar, which is about what happens when the Kraang come back to Earth with a weapon they’ve specifically designed to wipe out the turtles.

Then there’s the Farm Years, which will be silly and fluffy and maybe, just maybe, cross over into other TMNT universes (I already have a ton of ficlets written for this, and I think the Farm Years will be more of a collection of vignettes than long, involved arcs).


I have a few other smaller TMNT projects that I’ve been working on, that take place in various other universes and don’t connect to GaVG. I have one 2k7 piece that’s slowly evolving, which deals with Leo’s discovery of Raph’s totally vile behavior toward Donnie while he was gone.

An excerpt:

Leo can’t speak. For a moment, all he can do is watch his father through the candle flames between them.

"He — he’s afraid, Father,” he says, finally. “You’ve seen it. Raph raises his hand, and Donnie flinches. When did that start?”

It’s his father’s turn to be silent, and Leo feels the first coil of shame rise in his chest. It’s not alone; anger rises too.

When?” He isn’t asking now, he’s demanding, and he knows his father hears the new sharpness unsheathed in his voice, like silk falling away from a blade. “When did Raph start —” Anger or not, Leo can’t finish. Raph, scaring Donnie. His brothers have always fought, but as many times as the fights ended in silence, they ended in laughter, too.

Raph never hurt Donnie before.


Then I have a TMNT 2k12 AU, in which April was taken by the Kraang as a baby, and meets Donnie when he’s captured by the Kraang. They’re rescued, Donnie tries to track down April’s biological family and can’t, and she ends up leaving the lair to go train with rebels fighting the Kraang in another dimension. She and Donnie stay friends, and get closer when she comes back to visit, and it’s sad and sweet because Donnie loves her but never thinks she’ll stay.

An excerpt:

When she comes back two cycles of light and dark later, April has one hand in a cast.

"Hello, Donnie," she says, cheerfully, from the other side of the forcefield. She doesn’t bother to hide the injury from him — what Donnie knows about April, combined with what he’s gleaned from the fact that she’s been a Kraang test subject for as long as she can remember, means she likely has little to no ability to deceive anyone. She probably didn’t even think to hide it.

The cast covers her right hand, the same hand he broke in the fight with the Kraang.

They wouldn’t, he thinks, sick to his stomach when his gaze falls on the little jar sitting in the far corner of his cell. They need her. They wouldn’t punish her.

"Are you okay?" he blurts out, guilt pushing him to his feet and to the limit of the forcefield.

April blinks at him, then follows the movement of his hand as he points at the cast. Her face goes blank, and for a terrifying moment, Donnie isn’t talking to April, but to Subject Bas-Theta.

"The Kraang felt I overstepped my restrictions, and combined punitive therapy with an experiment on pain thresholds in chimaerical subjects." She shakes her head, and when she looks up at him, her smile is warm. April is back.

"It doesn’t really hurt now," she says. "And they’ve done worse before."

The fact that April is saying this to comfort him hits Donnie right in the gut. “I’m sorry,” he tells her, because he is. Too sorry for words.

If she were one of his brothers, he’d pull her into a tight hug, careful not to crush either of their bad hands, and then pull her to the lab to get patched up. But there’s a forcefield in the way, and April belongs to the Kraang.

"Why are you sorry?" she asks, honestly puzzled. "You didn’t do this. The Kraang did."

"Yeah, but —" Philosophy and the choreography of blame is not his strong suit. Donnie prefers responsibility to be on his shell, and no one else’s, because that makes things easier. He takes a deep breath and tries again. "But I’m why they did it.”

April huffs. “No, they did it because I helped you. And,” she adds, her face darkening, “because they think it’s fun.”


I have a few other vague ideas that have only made it into email ficlets to hotmilkytea and servantofclio, but we’ll see what develops! Right now my priority is GaVG, but playing in these other sandboxes is a nice break!

And thank you SO MUCH for all your love and support, sweetest Seeker! <3



Save the viking goats!!!

Johanna Thorvaldsdóttir’s Icelandic goat farm (Háafell) is facing foreclosure in September, resulting in the entire goat flock being butchered - unless enough funds are raised to save it!

There are less than 820 Icelandic goats in the entire world - they are an endangered species. Almost half of them will be lost if this farm is not saved. I visited Háafell 2 years ago and every goat I draw is rooted in this place. Any little bit helps :)

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Can someone please remind me why I thought it would be a good idea for Eliza and Miranda to become best friends because I’m struggling, guys. 

I’m going to punch him in the face, Shepard thought. No, scratch that. I’m going to slam his face into the bulkhead. Probably more than once.
Eliza Shepard, ladies and gentlemen! 

Yay, we did it! Go us! 

How did you do this time? I managed to write about Eliza Shepard wanting to punch things. Job well done! 

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oh gosh you’re so nice. also, I’M SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG.




For as long as Raph’s known Donnie, he’s never been mean about sports — at least, not like he could be. He just waves it off whenever Raph wants to watch hockey, or boxing. Ninjutsu’s enough for him, he always says, with a polite smile of total disinterest, and keeps tapping away on that laptop of his. Which — when you want to watch the game, you want to watch the game, not feel awkward for stealing the TV. Donnie’ll watch the Super Bowl, like any other good American does, and he’ll cheer for the underdog, same as Leo does, but that’s it.

But sometimes, Raph can hear Donnie in his lab with the radio on low, and sometimes he’ll rip out a rattle of curses that reach as far as the dojo and get himself a long meditation on finding one’s centre, and sometimes, Donnie’ll be happier than he was the month after he first figured out how to order C4 on the internet.

Thing is, Raph does have an interest in sports. Knows all of the tricks, from the radio, to sneaking to the nearest storm drain to get the sports pages after rush hour’s over, to long text conversations at 2am trashing Casey’s traitorous love for a Canadian NHL team (even worse — a French-Canadian team). 

So Raph knows, the second he sees Donnie craning his head to look through the wrong window on patrol one night, exactly what the problem is.

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