ELIZA ELIZA ELIZA. I'd be really interested to see Raph's, too.
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YAY ELIZA, PRECIOUS BABY (I will do Raph too but omg, Eliza). Also, apologies for how out-of-hand this is guaranteed to get. 

  1. She drank the Alliance kool-aid (to borrow servantofclio's phrase from a talk we had a while back) hardcore. Her mom was her biggest influence growing up, and she decided early on that she wanted to be like Hannah Shepard (who wouldn’t? We should all be more like Hannah Shepard). Eliza was going to join the Alliance and use her biotics and her willpower and her strength to help people! 
  2. Eliza has no business being in the Alliance. She’s an exceptional soldier, and her superiors find that her unpredictability is an incredible asset, even if she’s not particularly elegant when it’s deployed — but her devotion to helping people and using her abilities for a good cause is an aspect that’s easily manipulated. She’ll break every bone in her body trying to be the Alliance soldier that others wants her to be. 
  3. She’ll do anything for family. Her family isn’t huge, but once she considers you family, you have to really fuck her over to lose that position. Hannah, Lamia, her ME1 squad, Miranda — she adores them, she protects them, she trusts them. Hackett and Anderson — but especially Hackett — are two more people she considered family, which makes what they ask of her even more horrible, because she loves them and feels like she can’t refuse them on a personal level, even if they can’t accept her back into the Alliance. 
  4. She flirts pretty heavily with dissociation in ME2 but she’s saved from the worst of it because of her “diagnostic” — which manifests outwardly as her retreating inward and being closed off and quiet, and has been in place since she was a kid. It’s her way of making sure that she’s still sure of her abilities and her goals. Eliza doesn’t ever describe it so clearly, because I don’t think she understands it. It’s something she does rarely, but it’ll be something she tries again soon, now that memory is returning. 
  5. She’s very good at cutting mental ties, which is why she never mentions Akuze — or, for that matter, how her N7 mission related back to Akuze and how that mission, almost more than Akuze itself, fucked her up so badly. 
  6. While Hannah Shepard isn’t her biological mom, Eliza did inherit Hannah’s snark and curiosity. Lamia always had to stop Eliza from futzing with her amps, but Eliza’s going to start poking again and oh look Garrus, see what happens when I do this! I give poison hugs now! 
  7. If Alchera hadn’t happened, she planned to delicately broach the subject of something when Garrus came back to the Normandy
  8. She didn’t expect to love Miranda as much as she ends up loving Miranda, but once they get past the hump of Shepard, we need to agree on shared definitions of ‘lying’ and ‘telling the truth’, they are troubleshooting space divas together forever. 
  9. She doesn’t think of herself as easy to like, for all her charisma and admirable qualities. And while she’s right to an extent — Garrus summed her up very well when he thought that it was a good thing he loved her, because otherwise she’d be impossible to like — she positively blooms under affection and trust, and in an equal relationship, she’s unstoppable.
  10. So it’s a good thing she has that fantastic turian who’s head-over-heels for her, isn’t it?

Donnie and goggles 

this is not a drill 

sound general quarters

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Do you mind if I answer this in the context of Ghost!Garrus, since he’s the Garrus with whom I’m most familiar? 

This is also for the lovely anon who asked! 

  1. In ME1, I think he had a very hard time adjusting to not only serving on an Alliance ship — because even if Shepard was a Spectre, the crew was still mostly human and Alliance — but also to Shepard’s way of running her ship. He thought her habit of talking to everyone at least after every major mission and to her squad after every single darn mission would have a negative impact on morale and the chain of command, but it only took him till Noveria to figure out that wow, we’re fighting like a group that’s been together for years and we’ve only known each other for a few months. 
  2. While he saw the merits of her command style, Garrus didn’t feel comfortable replicating it with his squad on Omega. He kept a bit more distance between himself and the squad, trying to find a middle ground that didn’t conflict too much with his own training/social conditioning and a rapport that would keep his squad fighting like a family. 
  3. Garrus does not handle guilt well. 
  4. After Omega, he’s much more likely to question Shepard’s order, since he feels like they’re on much more of even footing. He generally won’t do so openly — it’d be horrifically disrespectful, and she is still his commanding officer — and the moment when he questioned her about going to Alchera alone came more from his really, really messed-up emotional state than it did any doubt that she could handle herself (well, okay, he did worry, for in-story reasons that would be spoilers to list here, but he still knew she could handle it). 
  5. He thought he wouldn’t ever want a command again, but he will. And he’s going to feel so guilty about that when he realizes it. 
  6. He’s more like his father than he knows. 

Garrus is all tuckered out after the events of Priority: Eden Prime, and decides to take a nap while Liara and Eliza try to figure out what the hell they do next. 

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  1. The White Boar started as just that — a white boar — and it believes that animals exist in a state of purity, compared to humans. 
  2. It hates humans. Hates them. With reason, to a certain extent — the last memory it has from when it was just a boar is being hunted by a group of them. 
  3. The Boar is always hungry. Always. That hunger is what rose it to godhood (with a heaping dose of fury and hatred to spur the transition), and if it were ever sated, it’s afraid it would just become a boar again. 
  4. It’s old. I haven’t put a specific date on it because that’s not something the Boar would remember or care about, but it predates the rise of Christianity by about a thousand years. 
  5. The more hungry it gets, the more powerful it becomes, but it can gain power by punishing its subordinates in certain ways (I’m so sorry, Karai). 
  6. The human appearances it periodically takes on are masks, fashioned after the likenesses of some of its former human servants. I headcanon that Katie McGrath and Aidan Turner are fair faceclaims for the Boar’s human masks (for when it appeared to Donnie and Karai, respectively). 


I don’t think you understand how much I care for these two

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I'm gonna regret this, but Weaver for the writing meme.
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Why would anyone regret anything about Weaver, she is happiness and sunshine and light! 

  1. Weaver was always the smartest person in any given room when she was growing up, and was mocked viciously for it. Her response was to deflect attention from her intelligence with humor, hence why she’s so quippy and quick to talk back. 
  2. Her parents died when she was 14, and she stayed in the foster kid system till she was 16 and had saved up enough money to get her and her best friend to Omega. She misses her dad most of all, which is why…
  3. …she looks up to Garrus so much. He’s into tech, he doesn’t talk down to her, and while he’s hesitant to keep her around because of her age, once she proves that she can back up all her big talk, he has no problem giving her a lot of responsibility. Weaver adores Garrus and looks to him as a second father. 
  4. Weaver loves being the baby of the squad. She was an only child, and spoiled and coddled until her parents died, and being so young (she’s 17 when she joins Garrus’ squad), it’s easy for her to fall back into the old role of being the cute one who gets away with everything. 
  5. However, as much as she plays up the “I’m young and cute so I will do what I want” angle, she doesn’t question Garrus’ orders or disobey (she will, if she has an issue, want to talk them through), and she doesn’t hold a grudge or lie. 
  6. The squad is her family. She’s closest to Sensat and Grundan Krul, and has a special relationship with the sisters, but it’s Garrus she’d turn to if she had a real problem. 
  7. The last one is a spoiler so I’m putting it behind a cut. 

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"Best Nerds" by Donatanna

Here, have college April and Don 

I swear, I was being serious until I found the flower brush :P


Guess who just got the idea for and wrote the very last scene of Ghost?