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I'm Bee. My love affairs include Marvel comics, good Shetland wool, massive quantities of buttered toast, Elizabeth Gaskell novels, fantasy and science fiction literature, zombies, and British folk rock.

I have a Mass Effect Problem.

I knit too much, read too much and 80% of my mental and emotional landscape, at any given time, is taken up with my story, The Little Steps.

A monster's work is never done.

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I’m finally going to write the big scene in The Little Steps that I’ve been waiting to write for oh, almost two years now and I’m just a big happy ball of Absolute OT3 feelings. 

Harrit smiled down at them. Eliza’s hand gripped Peter’s so hard his fingers were numb, but he didn’t mind. Not at all. 

Would it really that hard to love two, instead of one? Peter mused on the idea, waiting for Harrit’s answer. At his side, Eliza shivered, her hope rolling out of her in gentle waves, and Peter unwound his fingers from hers to slide his arm around her shoulders. 

In the same moment, Harrit reached out and ran a finger along the line of Eliza’s jaw, and her shivers faded away. 

That question implies I don’t already love two, thought Peter, and finally let himself smile. 

"I choose to stay," said Harrit, in a whisper. 

Eliza, predictably, burst into tears. 

Slightly less predictably, so did Peter. 

The Sleeping Beatuy (+ details) by John Collier (1850-1934)

oil on canvas, 1921

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Fairport Convention 

Circa. 1970

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"I’m going to hunt down the shit-for-brains inventor of this crooked game and pull his inspiration out through his arsehole. Probably some smart-arsed salarian bastard."

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Fashion Wonderland: Andrew Gn pre fall 2014

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Good morning Tumblr it’s time for you to be afraid because hotmilkytea and I are traumatizing each other with tragic Apritello and Shakarian scenarios today. 

Art by LeonStar